Due in this month

Due in this month

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We have the following deactivated firearms due in this month.

WWI PO8 Luger 1915 fully matched including magazine and grips.***SOLD***
WWI SMLE dated 1913 by LSA
WWII US M3 Grease Gun***SOLD***
WWI & WWII P14 Rifle
WWII Hotchkiss Machine Gun
WWII US M1 Garand with its wartime barrel (May 1943) - o/s***SOLD***
WWII German K98 ***SOLD***
WWII Nazi Browning High Power WaA613***SOLD***
WWII Nazi Browning High Power WaA140
WWII Nazi Browning FN 1922 WaA613 ***SOLD***
WWII Nazi Browning FN 1922 WaA140
WWII Nazi Browning FN 1922 WaA103 ***SOLD***
WWII Sten MK5 with accessories***SOLD***
WWII / Post war K98 / M98 Yugolsav reworked
Pre WWII Russian M91 Mosin Nagant rifle with Hex receiver and matching numbered bayonet***SOLD***
Brirtish SLR L1A1 with black furniture - o/s***SOLD***
Martini Henry MK4 Under Lever Rifle - Obsolete Calibre***SOLD***
Martini Henry MK2 Under Lever Rifle - Obsolete Calibre
Snider Enfield Rifle - Obsolete Calibre
Russian AKM (AK47) with wooden stock and foregrip***SOLD***
Vietnam Era Stevens Pump Action Shotgun***SOLD***
RPD machinegun with belt and drum magazine

To order Call 01547 529093 or 05603 416575 or email sales@deactivated-guns.co.uk.

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