Just Arrived and coming in

Just Arrived and coming in

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We have the following deactivated firearms coming in.

WWI & WWII Long Barrel PO8 Luger , dated 1918 & 1920

WWII Italian Bodeo Officers Revolver

WWII US M8 by EVCC Flare Pistol dated 1942

WWI PO8 Luger with matching numbers

WWI PO8 Luger with matching numbers

WWII Lee Enfield No4 Rifle

WWII Enfield .38 Revolver

WWII Enfield made Webley MK6 .455 Revolver

WWI Colt Eley Revolver in British .455.

Pre WWI Mauser C96 Pistol

WWII Enfield Tankers No2 Mk1 .38 Revolver dated 1944

WWII US Remington 1911A1 dating to 1944 D-Day era***SOLD***

Nazi P38 AC44 with capture markings

Russian Mosin Nagant M1895 revolver & holster dated 1926

WWII Russian Tokarev T33 & holster dated 1942, all matching numbers

VERY RARE Nazi Police issued Walther PPK dating to 1941***SOLD***

Nazi Sauer 38H dating to 1943

Russian Nagant carbine 1944, all matching

US M1 Carbine 1943 by Quality HMC

US Springfield, M1 Garand dating to 1943***SOLD***

British Lee Enfield No4 Mk1 dated 1944

Nazi Mauser K98 dated 1937

Russian Nagant sniper rifle & scope dated 1942, all matching including mount

US 1928A1 Thompson dating to 1941

Sten Mk2 dated 1943 manufactured by Long Branch***SOLD***

All Matching numbers German MP40 dated 1941

Type 56 (AK47)

RARE Argentine Military FN FAL AirBourne issue rifle

Nazi 50 round drum magazine

Nazi MG42 ammo tin

Nazi Trommel

Lauf-Scutzer MG barrel case

Rare Nazi MG42 spare barrel***SOLD***

RARE US M1 Garand bayonet & scabbard by "WT" Wilde Drop Forge & Tool, Kansas City***SOLD***

US M1 Carbine bayonet & scabbard

Rare Nazi captured and marked Czech Vz bayonet & scabbard

Jungle Carbine and Sterling SMG bayonet & scabbard by W.S.C.

To order Call 01547 529093 or 05603 416575 or email sales@deactivated-guns.co.uk.

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