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Just Arrived

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We have the following deactivated firearms and militaria items due in. More details to follow shortly. Please contact us for any further information.

Obsolete Cailbre .32 Rimfire Revolver - Circa 1860

WWII Nazi Sauer 38H

RARE 1892 Colt  NEW ARMY & NAVY MODEL .38 DA Revolver

WWII P38 Nazi Police Marked

WWII Sten MKII with silencer. SOLD

WWII British Artillery Gun Clinometer - New Zealand maker

WWI Mills Grenade with grenade launcher base attachment

RARE WWI SMLE Grenade Cup for Mills bomb. SOLD

RARE WWII German Navy Marked "Rabbit Ears" ranging binoculars

RARE WWII MG34 metal tipped reinforced bakelite buttstock for cold conditions, battlefield find!

WWII German Panserfaust 60 Dated 1944.SOLD

Antique Obsolete Calibre Enfield Three Band Percussion Musket

Antique Obsolete Calibre Enfield Two Band Percussion Carbine

WWI Gew98 dated 1918

WWII Webley No3 MK1 Flare Pistol. SOLD

RARE WWII Nazi Glass Mines

WWII German Nazi M24 Potato Masher Stick Grenade. SOLD

RARE WWII Nazi Luftwaffe MG15 Drum magazine

WWI German Model of 1915 Diskushandgranate (Disc grenade)

WWI German Model 1913 Kugel hand grenade

WWI German Model 1915 Kugel hand grenade

WWI German Stick Grenade - Stielhandgranaten 1915

WWI German "Egg" grenade Model 1917

WWII Lee Enfield No1 MK3 Grenade Launcher or Cup Launcher SOLD

WWII German Gas Mask and canister

Several WWI No5 MKI Mills Grenades

Mills Grenade No5 MKI Dated 1915

Mills Grenade No5 MKI Dated 1916 Sectionalised

WWI German Egg Grenade Sectionalised

WWII German MG34 Drum Magazine

WWI French Hotchkiss Machine Gun Clinometer dated 1918

WWII German K98 Bayonet & Scabbard by Berg & Co 1940

WWII German MG34 / 42 Ammunition box dated 1941

AK47 Type 56 bayonet & scabbard

WWI French Ball Grenades

Rare WWI French P1 "spoon or pear" Hand grenade

WWI French Hand Grenade Suffocante Bertrand modèle 1915/1916

WWI French Fusante nr1 Hand Grenade

WWI French Grenade Foug 'Citron' modèle 1916 "Lemon Grenade"

WWI French VB Rifle Grenade or Viven Bessière explosive grenade

WWII French F1 Hand grenade

Arges Type HG 84 (Hand Grenade) Fragmentation

Plus a great section of inert ordnance, grenades and militaria

Plus much, much more.........


To order Call 01547 529093 or 05603 416575 or email sales@deactivated-guns.co.uk.

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