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Latest stock just in

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Listed below we have the following live, obsolete calibre and deactivated firearms, plus militaria items that have just arrived. More details to follow shortly. Please contact us for any further information. Listed below is just a small section. This list will be updated in due course.

WW2 German Druck Zunder 35 Fuse

Deactivated WWII MP34 SMG. SOLD

RARE M1912 Krag Jorgensen Carbine dating to 1923 - FAC

RARE US Civil War Colt 1851 Navy Revolver

Deactivated WWI SMLE

Genuine WWII German K98 cleaning rods 10 & 12 inch variants, some with Waffen stamps and rifle numbers

An extremely rare WWII dated US Barrage Ballon cable cutter wing mounted round.SOLD

VERY RARE WWII German Dornier Dynamo

RARE WWI British Cooper Bomb Nose cone dated October 1917

A massive collection of inert ordnance from WWI, WWII and more recent wars and conflicts. The list is simple endless.

VERY RARE WWI Imperial German Army 1915/1916 Practice Stick Grenade

WWII French Mle 1935 Tank Round dated 1940

Chinese Communist - Viet Cong Stick Grenade

VERY RARE WWII German Howitzer schwere Kanone 18, (S10 K 18) - Last Ditch shell case, dated 1944

WWII US Airforce M19 Parachute Signal Flare Dated 1941

WWI US made British Pattern Enfield P14 Rifle Bayonet & Scabbard, both by Remington and dated 1915

British Military 68mm Rocket dating to 1976

VERY RARE US M1 SABOT 81mm Subcalibre Mortar cartridge/round

Sectionalised Instructional M83A2 Mortar

WW1 British 2pounder Shell by VSM-Vickers Son & Maxim, Dated 1915 with 1915 dated fuse

A Very unusual Large Mortar marked "Grenzbesetzung 1939-1945"

Deactivated 2 x WWI French Berthier Carbine

Deactivated WWI French Model 1892 revolver dated 1900

RARE WWII German Pistol Grenade round for the Kampfpistole -Z SOLD

WWI 1917 dated British 18 Pounder Shrapnel Shell completely full with shrapnel balls SOLD

WWII Dated German Artillery Range Finder by Saalfelder Apparatebau GmbH (code fwq), dated 1943.SOLD

1000s of inert rounds rounds, various sizes and countries of original. From Webley, Mauser, Kynoch etc, pre WWI through to more modern times.

Over a 100 WWI, WWII & Modern inert Grenades from Britain, Germany, USA, Russia, Italy and other countries.

A superb and very impressive sections of inert ordnance spanning all genres. Tank, artillery and airplane rounds etc.

WW1 British Stokes Mortar Bomb

A wide selection of WWI Allied and Axis mortar rounds

A wide selection of WWIII Allied and Axis mortar rounds

A large quantity of British practice ordnance spanning both world wars and beyond, including some huge 120mm rounds

A Large WWI British Mortar - "Toffe Apple" Bomb, Circa 1915

2 x WW2 dated US made Oerlikon 20mm drum magazine

WWI French Mortar - 'Flying Pig'

WWII German Luftwaffe Air Craft Rounds, various sizes, dates and makers

Various scopes and optics

WWI British Officers Whistle dated 1916

WW1 German Granatenwerfer mortar bomb

VERY RARE WWII US Artillery sight & case marked to the British 1st Airbourne 1944 Arnham. SOLD

WWII US Sherman Tank drivers and turett periscopes

WWI French Trench phone

WWII US Field Phone, complete with carry case and accessories

WWI British Wire Cutters, two type, folding and three way cutters

RARE US Navy Depth Charge SOLD

RARE Argentinian Anti Personnel Land mine - Falklands War bring back SOLD

RARE WWII German Luftwaffe marked Sd2 "Butterfly" bomb SOLD

2 WWII Nazi 20mm Flak 30/37 Magazines in their original transit case.SOLD

WWII German Luftwaffe 30mm and 20mm and 15mm aircraft rounds SOLD

WWII German Incendiary Bombs

WWI British Trench Telephone

RARE WWII German Bakelite Lantern

RARE WWI German Trench Lantern

WWII Dated British signalling lantern

WWII British Artillery Gun Clinometer - New Zealand maker

RARE WWII German Navy Marked "Rabbit Ears" ranging binoculars

Antique Obsolete Calibre Enfield Three Band Percussion Musket

WWI German Model 1913 Kugel hand grenade

WWI German Model 1915 Kugel hand grenade

WWI German Stick Grenade - Stielhandgranaten 1915

WWI German "Egg" grenade Model 1917

WWII German Gas Mask and canister

Several WWI No5 MKI Mills Grenades

Mills Grenade No5 MKI Dated 1915

WWI German Egg Grenade Sectionalised

WWII German MG34 Drum Magazine SOLD

WWI French Hotchkiss Machine Gun Clinometer dated 1918

WWI French Ball Grenades

WWI French Fusante nr1 Hand Grenade

WWI French Grenade Foug 'Citron' modèle 1916 "Lemon Grenade"SOLD

WWI French VB Rifle Grenade or Viven Bessière explosive grenade

WWII French F1 Hand grenade

Arges Type HG 84 (Hand Grenade) Fragmentation

Plus a great section of inert ordnance, grenades and militaria

Plus much, much more.........


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