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May 2nd: Note Regarding New Firearm Deactivation Laws

May 2nd: Note Regarding New Firearm Deactivation Laws

Product Information

Note regarding new firearm deactivation laws:

From May 2nd 2017 onwards, all items on our website will comply to the new EU/UK specification, and will only be sold with new deactivation certificates.

This notice overrides previously worded item descriptions on our website that will be updated in due course. Within the regulation change, there are certain classifications that are unaffected, such as shotguns, rocket launchers, flare pistols and bolt action rifles with integral magazines (eg. K98s, GEW98s, Arisaka etc).

If you would like to buy or require any previously deactivated firearms to be brought up to new EU/UK specifications as a Registered Firearms Dealer we are happy to undertake the work. This service includes reworking and proof house certification.

For any more information on any of our items, a rework or repair feel free to contact us for advice and a quote.

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