Deactivated British Issued Enfield made GPMG - General Purpose Machine Gun with Provenance

Deactivated British Issued Enfield made GPMG - General Purpose Machine Gun with Provenance

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This is a very rare find indeed, a genuine Enfield manufactured British military issued GPMG - General Purpose Machine Gun, with the correct designation of " TK L8A1" meaning it is a standard L7A1 gun modified for Coaxial Tank and Armoured Vehicle use, with the removeable buttstock and a solenoid trigger operation mechanism being employed. The gun also gained a barrel vent, allowing for external fume extraction during operation. The serial number UE 65 A201 denotes RSAF Enfield as the maker and the year of production of 1965. The low serial number A201 would also indicate it to be an early production gun. The primary use for the L8A1 was the British Cheiftan Main Battle Tank but it was also fitted to variety of other vehicles including the Scorpion AFV and Scimitar CVRT family to name a few. Due to the multi-purpose nature of the GPMG, it could be easily re-configured to the infantry support role by simply attaching the buttstock and reverting to mechanical trigger operation, as seen on this example as it was adpated for training use (Drill Purpose) after being retired from front line service, as evidenced by the intials D.P. stamped on the receiver and stamed "Blank Barrel Only" on the barrel. Genuine British Army issued deactivated L7 series GPMG are exceedingly rare to find, and are not to be confused with the commercially produced examples commonly seen advertised elsewhere. Under current Home Office legislation no more British military weaponry will be released into the deactivation market!! 

This GPMG also comes with fabulous provenance having once been part of the display at the Tank Museum, Bovington.

Deactivated with a working action and complete with detachable buttstock, belt of 7.62mm rounds, ammo box and correct sling.

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