Deactivated British Issued H&K G3 Assault Rifle

Deactivated British Issued H&K G3 Assault Rifle

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This is a very intriguing Heckler & Koch G3 assault rifle with broad arrow acceptance stamp. This G3 was made under license at the Pakistani Ordnance Factory (P.O.F. 67) in 1967. As a member of the Commonwealth, Pakistan was permitted to produced licensed weapons that were for use exclusively by other allied and commonwealth countries. The UK military had access to these weapons and although the G3 wasn't a standard UK forces rifle it was used by the SAS. The "Regiment" used G3 assault rifles in the field with great success during the troubles in Northern Ireland when dealing with cars with armed IRA men onboard. The receiver on this G3 is clearly marked with a British broad acceptance and inspectors mark. The rifle clearly seen plenty of action and is fitted with early wooden stock and foregrip and a British marked Sterling SMG sling.

A rare find!

Deactivated to current specifications with moving cocking lever.

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