Deactivated MG42/53 Machine Gun

Deactivated MG42/53 Machine Gun

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This is an MG42/M53 Light Machine Gun. In the aftermath of WWII the Yugoslav Government started manufacturing its own version of the infamous German MG42 the M53, using the abandoned machinery and parts left by the Nazi's. Utilising partially made German guns and component parts they set about making the M53, scrubbing off any existing German codes and markings before re-stamping with the Yugoslav crest. Still visible on the receiver of this example is a Nazi WaA stamp, which makes this a really interesting piece of history. The bipod legs are also Nazi marked "dfb" - Gustloff-Werke and dated 1944. The front sight has what looks to be battle damage from an impact almost certainly caused by shrapnel or a ricochet. Astonishingly many M53s are still in use around the world today.

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