Deactivated Old Spec San Cristobal Carbine

Deactivated Old Spec San Cristobal Carbine

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An early production San Cristobal Carbine. This rifles design is taken from the Hungarian 39M, it also shares similarities with the Beretta model 38 SMG. It has two triggers one for single shot and the other for automatic. Although it is referred to as a carbine, it has more in common with a submachine gun. During its limited production life only around 200,000 or so were made by Armeria, this one being only number 1869th. This type of carbine was used by  "Che" Guevara  during the Cuban revolution. This example, unlike most other San Cristobal's, has a correctly fitting magazine. Most are fitted with a magazine from an M1 Carbine. (Note the correct magazines lip angle). Comes with leather sling a inert .30 rounds. Deactivated sympathetically in 1991 to old specifications with working triggers and safety, it can be cocked, stripped and dry fired.

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