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Deactivated Rare Sterling MKIII SMG

Deactivated Rare Sterling MKIII SMG

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This is a rare first year of production Sterling Armament Company produced MKIII (L2A2) SMG chambered in 9mm dating to 1955. This example has a low serial number of 3939 and is broad arrow stamped. The MKIII was very short lived being adopted into British military service in 1955 but superseded the following year by the MK4 L2A3 in 1956. The magazine housing is marked with the initials RNG 103 - Rhodesia Nyasaland Government weapon number 103. This Sterling would have been issued to the Rhodesian security forces who were part of the RNG armed forces. Deactivated with a moving bolt / cocking handle that will return under string tension. The trigger and sective fire lever also move.

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