Deactivated SMLE No1 MKIII* All matching numbers

Deactivated SMLE No1 MKIII* All matching numbers

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This is a 1952 dated SMLE No1 MKIII* that was made at the Ishapore rifle factory in India. As a Commonwealth country, India was permitted to produce the SMLE in-house for its armed forces. The design is indentical to the WWI British SMLE and fires the same .303 ammunition. This example looks to have had an active service life and has been reworked/repaired on at least one occasion. All visible numbers are armourer matched meaning, once the relevant repairs were completed these parts were numbered to the weapon. 

Deactivated to current specifcations with a moving bolt and trigger. The magazine is removeable. Also included is a canvas sling, clip and 5 inert .303 rounds.

This SMLE is available and is currently at the proof house being certificated. 


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