Deactivated Steyr MPi 81 SMG

Deactivated Steyr MPi 81 SMG

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The MPi was first introduced by Steyr in the late 1960s as the MPi 69. Its internal design is similar to the Uzi's with a molded pistol grip that houses the trigger assembly and magazine. The retractable stock can be extended out much further than most other types. This gives it the capability of being fired accurately using the iron sights with a scoped version also being produced. In 1981 it received further upgrades and design improvements and was re-designated the MPi 81. As with all Steyr firearms it is extremely well made and very robust. It was adopted by various military forces around the world and is still in service today. Deactivated with a moving cocking lever, it comes fitted with a military sling and high capacity magazine.

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