Deactivated US made Colt M16A1 Assault Rifle

Deactivated US made Colt M16A1 Assault Rifle

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This is a US made fully automatic military spec Colt M16A1 assault rifle. The serial number dates to mid 1970s production (late Vietnam War era). A classic and unmistakable weapon of modern times. The M16 has been used by just about every military power on the planet. It is still one of the most popular weapons today and in service all over the globe with military, special forces, police units and law enforcement agencies, including the British Special Forces. This great example comes with M7 BOC made bayonet, US sling, 30 round magazine with inert 5.56mm rounds. Due the demise of Colt these M16's are now becoming very sought after and increasing hard. This example is deactivated with tension cocking lever and trigger and selective fire lever.


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