Deactivated WWII Bren MKI Converted to 7.62mm

Deactivated WWII Bren MKI Converted to 7.62mm

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This is a WWII British Enfield Bren MKI dated 1943 that was converted to 7.62mm. Post WWII the British Army adopted the 7.62mm NATO round. Utilising its stocks of WWII Bren's the MOD set about converting them from 303 to 7.62mm by fitting a new bolt, barrel and magazine etc with many of the original wartime parts remaining. This example still bears the Enfield emblem, MKI designation and date "43" = 1943. These converted Bren's were re-designated as the L4A3 light machine gun and remained in British Army service into the 1990s seeing service in Falklands War in 1982.

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