Deactivated Chinese Type 53 Carbine

Deactivated Chinese Type 53 Carbine

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This is a scarce Chinese Type 53 carbine. In the early 1950 the Peoples Republic of China decided there was a need to develop a carbine for the Peoples Army. The already proven WWII Russian M44 carbine was the answer. Its simplistic and robust design made it an ideal choice for mass production. Production began in 1953. The early proofs on the receiver have both Chinese characters and the number 26 or 296. The Chinese characters translate to "53 Year Type" and the numbers 26 are of the State Factory at Chongqing. During the Vietnam War large quantities of these carbines were supplied to Communist Vietnamese forces. The Type 53 was ideally suited for use in the hot jungles of Vietnam. Chambering the hard hitting 7.62mm round it was more than capable of knocking out to enemy soldiers with one shot! The clever folding bayonet design was also far easier to manage and deploy in the dense undergrowth. Deactivated with a working action it can be cocked, stripped and dry fired.

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