Due in Deactivated Ex- Israeli RPG-7 with Scope

Due in Deactivated Ex- Israeli RPG-7 with Scope

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This is a great condition ex-Israeli military RPG-7 (Rocket Propelled Grenade) 40mm rocket launcher with scope. The IDF (Isreali Defence Force) received quantities of cold war communist weapons including these RPG7 launchers. It is rumoured that many of those that were supplied were captured from various terrorist and gorilla organizations. Its simplicity, low build cost, and effectiveness against tanks, armoured vehicles and anything else that gets in the way have proven it as very versatile weapon on the battlefield. For these reasons it is now the most widely used anti-armour weapon in the world. Originally designed by Russia, it first entered service in the early 1960s and is now in service with over 40 countries. Since then it has featured in many conflicts including Vietnam War, The Troubles in North Ireland, Kosovo and more recently Afghanistan, Syria and Ukraine.

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