Just Arrived, Deactivated Walther P99 with accessories

Just Arrived, Deactivated Walther P99 with accessories

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A near mint condition boxed, Walther P99 with accessories. This is a superb example complete with its original factory fitted hard case, spare magazine, manual, test target sheet and grip extensions, plus inert rounds and tools. The Walther P99 came to great notoriety when featured in the hands of  007 - James Bond, and for this reason along is now becoming very collectable and hard to find. The 1997 film "Tomorrow Never Dies" staring Pierce Brosnan, was the first time we see the Walther P99 appear as the latest 007 pistol, Bond continued using it in The World Is not Enough, Die Another Day and in Casino Royale staring Daniel Craig. The P99 has been adopted by countless countries military, police and security agencies worldwide. A great set.


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