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Vietnam War Pistol Handmade by the Viet Cong

Vietnam War Pistol Handmade by the Viet Cong

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This has to be one of the rarest and most unusual pistols you are ever likely to see. It was handmade by the Viet Cong during the Vietnam war. Vietnamese forces manufactured various types of weapons during this period copying captured guns as a basis for the design. These guns are often crude to say the least but were effective never the less. This one is based on a Luger with similar type of toggle and is completely handmade. Note the file marks on the barrel and receiver. Although completely out gunned by American and allied forces the North Vietnamese were incredibly resourceful and were able make all sorts of rudimentary weapons from whatever was to hand. Some guns were made from drinks cans, pipes and pieces of wood and were often manufactured locally for guerrilla fighters.

This unique pistol is a piece of history and you will not see or encounter another one like it. A museum worthy piece. If you collect Vietnam memorabilia then this is must have. Deactivated with moving parts it can be cocked, stripped and dry fired.

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