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WWII German MG42 Light machine gun.

Deactivated WWII German MG42 with its original Nazi stamped leather sling. It was undoubtedly one of the best machine guns of the Second World War. So good was the design that MG-42 is still in production in modified forms in many countries. The MG42 had the fastest rate of fire of any weapon, at 1200 rounds per minute (up to 1800 in some versions). At this rate it becomes impossible for the human ear to discern the sound of individual rounds being fired, and thus when in use the gun makes a sound described as "ripping cloth It was nicknamed by American GI's as Hitler's Buzzsaw.

A genuine WWII MG42 not a post war manufatured example as found elsewhere. This example is fitted with a rear anti aircraft sight that folds alongside of the normal rear sight. Deactivated with a working action can be stripped and dry fired. Nazi WaA stamped in several places this really is a great looking display piece in excellent condition.

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