1912 dated German Gew98

1912 dated German Gew98

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This is a pre WWI dated German Gew98 rifle. Dated 1912 it was manufactured by Spandau. The regimental disc reads B.4.R. 4th. Königlich Bayerisches Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment. Of considerable interest Adolf Hitler was a serving member 16th Königlich Bayerisches Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment during WW1. This rifle would have seen active service during the Great War. At the outbreak of WWI the German army quickly realised it had a huge shortage of weaponry. The loses of both men and firearms for the axis and allied armies was horrendous. The serial number of this example is very low, just 1048a. This translates to around rifle number 11,048th of that years production. The bolt is matching and numbered to the receivers serial number. The bore is in very good condition. An FAC with the correct variation is required to purchase this rifle.

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