1912 Dated SMLE MKIII

1912 Dated SMLE MKIII

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This is a fabulous condition pre WWI British SMLE MKIII rifle. Dated 1912 it was manufactured by RSAF Enfield and bears incredible array of factory upgrade stamps. The date stamps read ' 20,21,22,23,32,38,39,40 & 51.(1920,1921,1922,1923,1932,1938,1939,1940 & 1951).The WWII upgrades in 1939 and 1940 may well indicate that this SMLE was used by the BEF - British Expeditionary Force in France in September 1939, returning from Dunkirk in 1940 and requiring repair/rework. In 1944 it received a replacement rebarrel. This would indicate that it must have been used and was worthy of reworking to be used again presumably for D-Day landings in June 1944. In 1951 it was again back at the factory and marked FTR Factory Through Repair 51. Another remarkable feature found on this rifle is the volley and diaoptor sights, these were phased out during the early stages of WWI, the majority were removed. The bolt is the correct early type and is matched to the receiver, again very unusual.

A truly fascinating piece of British military history having survived both world wars and beyond. You are unlikely to find such a prolifically marked rifle in this condition and of this age. A collectors grade rifle. The bore is still in great condition. An FAC with the correct variation is required to purchase this rifle.

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