1917 dated Gewehr 98 Rifle

1917 dated Gewehr 98 Rifle

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This is an all matching nunbers, museum-worthy 1st World War Amberg manufactured Gew 98, chambered in 7.92mm Mauser. This rifle is an astounding 104 years old, though it’s highly polished receiver and bolt bely its age and are in both visually and functionally fantastic condition.

Refined from an earlier patent in 1895 but not Introduced into German military service until 1898, the German Army was for a good decade outclassed by other armed forces using the German 1895 design, before being adopted. In what proved to become a mainstay of bolt-action design, the Gew98 went on to spawn the “backbone of the Reich” Karbiner 98 variants. The receiver is marked with all of its correct Imperial Army acceptance marks and the bore is in superb condition.

An FAC is required with the correct variation to purchase this rifle.

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