Boer War issued Mauser model 1896 rifle

Boer War issued Mauser model 1896 rifle

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This is an original and all matching numbers, Boer War issued Mauser model 1896 rifle. Built by DWM, Berlin, it has a very low serial number with no letter prefix.

In an effort to remain independent, the Boers began purchasing quantities of these Mauser rifles in the late 1890's from Germany. Their lands had become rich pickings for an unwelcome influx of British colonists into the region seeking to make their fortune. In 1896 the Boers ordered 70,000 Mauser rifles and carbines from Ludwig Loewe, later known as Deutsche Waffen-und Munitionfabriken (DWM), about 55,000 of which were delivered. This is one of those rifles.

Inventively 1899 war broke out between the Boers and British Empire. Armed with these rifles, the Boers were formidable opponents. Most were tough rugged Dutch farmers and made great soldiers having spent their years living off the land, they were well-suited to warfare as well as being accomplished marksmen. One of their techniques was to ambush the British and Common Wealth forces from carefully chosen rock formations where these marksmen and their Mausers could inflict serious damage.

This particular example has the owners initials and date "A.F. 1899" hand carved into the stock. These markings are believed to be attriduted to the Battle of Ladysmith. This type personalisation 'stock art' is only found on Boer rifles from this period. The Battle of Ladysmith saw the Boer armies defeat the British forcing a detachment of 800 men to surrender to Commandant De Wet. This rifle also appears in the publication by Dave. C. Goerge "Carvings of the Veldt". A fascinating and unique rifle.

This rifle in chambered in 7mm and can be owned on an FAC with the correct variation. The bore is still in good and the rifle has been recently reproofed.

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