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Brand New Ruger 10/22 Take Down Rifle

Brand New Ruger 10/22 Take Down Rifle

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This is the latest variation of the now legendary Ruger 10/22 series. Introduced in 1964, this little autoloader has been produced in the millions and can properly lay claim to being America’s number one .22 calibre rifle. It’s a simple semiautomatic action, its legendary reliability aided by the rifle’s signature rotary magazine. Most importantly when designing this rifle it was a key goal that it can be broken down and reassembled and continue to function flawlessly with no loss of accuracy or shift in zero. The rifle can be assembled in seconds, its that easy! The idea makes perfect sense. Comes in a Ruger-logo black nylon backpack-style carrying case. Unzipped, it has an inside main pouch for the receiver and two smaller pouches for the barrel and a scope. There’s also a generous outside pouch for ammo, earplugs etc. This example is live and requires and FAC with the correct variation to own.

The stickers on the stock are not permanent and easily removed and are just for information purposes only.

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