Enfield No4 Conversion 7.62mm rifle (L39A1)

Enfield No4 Conversion 7.62mm rifle (L39A1)

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This is a beautiful condition all matching numbers Enfield No4 Conversion 7.62mm rifle that is identical to the L39A1. It is believed that this model was originally built for military use, with most now being used by civilian shooters. However, this rifle was used and built for military. The 19T designation is the MOD military proof stamp, but more importantly it is Broad Arrow marked. This is the MOD acceptance mark and is found on all British military weaponry. This superb example has its original wood work and bolt plus the correct Alfred J Parker rear target sights (model T.Z.4/47). The bore is in great condition and has a lovely crisp action. This actual rifle has won many competitions and has been well maintained and looked after.

It can be owned with an FAC with the correct variation. Not to be missed!

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