Rare Israeli K98 Sniper Rifle

Rare Israeli K98 Sniper Rifle

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This is a rare Israeli K98 ex sniper rifle chambered in 7.62mm NATO. The barrel shank has the Israeli date code 4-58 = April 1958. The bolt has been modified to avoid fowling the scope. Very few K98's were converted and even fewer exist outside of Israel.

In the aftermath of WWII the newly formed state of Israel declared independence, which declaration subsequently lead to military attacks from its Arab neighbours. Bizarrely small-arms assistance came from Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin himself. Often forgotten, approximately half a million ethnic Jews served in the Red Army during WWII. Stalin saw an opportunity to assist a new country, which appeared to be a good candidate for a future communist base of influence in the Middle East. And thus in about 1947, Stalin allowed the Jewish Agency to begin purchasing large amounts of arms and ammunition for the Haganah. These weapons came from the communist Soviet-occupied satellite state of Czechoslovakia, who had stock piles of captured German weaponry. In 1947 Israel started receiving shipments of MG34's, followed by aircraft, machine guns and automatic rifles, along with about 35,000 K98s.

This rare rifle still has the correct parts, finish and configuration used by the Israeli's. It is chambered in 7.62mm NATO.  The overall condition is extremely good as is the bore.

An FAC with the correct variation is required to purchase this rifles.

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