RARE WWI German Kdtur LILLE (Kommandantur Lille) flare pistol

RARE WWI German Kdtur LILLE (Kommandantur Lille) flare pistol

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RARE WWI German "Kdtur LILLE" (Kommandantur Lille) flare pistol. This is a good example of a German Ersatz weapon that was manufactured during the Great Ear. Whilst Belgium was under German occupation these large flare pistols were produced at the Lille depot. They look somewhat crude with hand made wooden grips, simple design and lack of overall finish. As with most Ersatz weapons function and simplicity was key. It has a heavy steel barrel with side mounted push latch and a hinged opening. At the rear is a simple plunger cocking mechanism. They were produced to help supplement the short fall in standard weapons manufacture. Production numbers were very limited. This example is currently live and can be owned on an FAC with the correct variation or it can be deactivated to order with a working action.

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