Steyr Gew88 Rifle dated 1890

Steyr Gew88 Rifle dated 1890

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This is an early production Imperial German Army, Gew 88(S). (Gewehr modell 1888) or “Komissiongewehr” (Commission rifle). Manufactured by Steyr, it is dated 1890 with the correct German Imperial markings. It was developed by a group of officers from GewehrPrufungsKomission (GPK, or Rifle testing commission of German army). This rifle is modified and adapted for the 7,9mm S-patrone ammunition, and is appropriately stamped with letter “S” .The G88 was eventually replaced by the Gew98, but remained in service until the end of the First World War. They were also issued during WWII.

This example is live and requires and FAC with the correct variation to own. The bore is in very good order throughout.

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