Very Rare .22 Schmidt Rubin Model 1889 Training Rifle

Very Rare .22 Schmidt Rubin Model 1889 Training Rifle

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This is a very rare Schmidt Rubin model 1889 straight pull rifle that was factory converted to single shot .22 rimfire. During the early 1900's the Swiss military started converting small quantities of model 1889 rifles to .22 cailbre as training rifles. Very few were converted and are rarely seen. This rifle was originally manufactured in 1896 and is still in excellent condition. Unlike the vast majority that were converted this one is a single shot only and not magazine fed. The barrel sleeve runs through the existing receiver opening covering the magazine well. The bolt was then modified to suit. Another feature only seen on these conversions was the addition of a "heal" on the under side of the stock. Scmidt Rubin rifles are renowned for their quality, reliability and accuracy. The bore is in excellent condition throughout. The action is crisp and smooth. A rare variant of which very few were made! An FAC with the correct variation is required to purchase.

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