Very Rare ALL MATCHING NUMBERS WWII German G33/40 Gebirgstruppen (mountain troops) carbine

Very Rare ALL MATCHING NUMBERS WWII German G33/40 Gebirgstruppen (mountain troops) carbine

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A very rare and sought after, first year of production, Second World War German G33/40 'Gebirgstruppen' (mountain troops) carbine with all matching numbers. This example was used during the invasion and occupation of Norway. German forces invaded Norway in 1940 and it remained in Nazi control until the capitulation of German forces in Europe in May of 1945. Although Norway was neutral, it took German forces three months to take overall control. One longest of any country Germany invaded.

The G33/40 carbine was design specially for use by mountain infantry troops. Although chambering the same 7.92mm round as the K98 it is very different and has a distinctive metal plate on the left rear side of the butt stock. This was to protect it from damage in the field when being used as an Alpenstock or climbing aid or from ski/snow boots. It is also much shorter with different wood work, rear sight and barrel bands. The bolt is lightened and has a drop down lever. The known serial number range for the 1940 dated “945” coded G33/40 is from 93 to 7135d, with an estimated production of only 40,000. They were only produced at the Waffenbrik Brunn from 1940 to 1942 and carry Waffen acceptance stamp WaA63. This one has all matching numbers and its original bolt! A rare find indeed.

Whilst under Norwegian ownership it was issued to their police force and marked "Politi" (police). This incredible example has just been imported by us and is brand new to the UK market having been under Norwegian ownership for the past 73 years. It is still live and in super original condition throughout with a great bore that has very strong rifling.

An FAC with the correct variation is required to purchase this historic carbine. It comes fitted with the correct and equally rare Nazi marked and numbered cleaning rod, plus an original leather sling and sight hood cover.

Can be deactivated to order at additional cost.

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