Very Rare Winchester Model 1892 Musket chambered in .44 WCF

Very Rare Winchester Model 1892 Musket chambered in .44 WCF

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This is an incredibly rare early production Winchester Model 1892 Musket, chambered in .44 WCF. Designed by the legendary John Mosses Browning, this model is recognised as one of the best rifle actions of its type. The musket configuration is extremely scarce. From a total of 1,004,675 model 1892s built, only 574 Muskets were ever made. That's less than 1% of the entire build! What makes this an even rarer find, is that this one has British proof stamps, which means it was imported to the UK. The serial number dates it at 1895, only the third year of model 1892 production. Overall the factory bluing is still crisp with some "patinaing" and the woodwork looks superb. As you can imagine, very few now survive and of those remaining examples most are in private collections in the USA. We believe that this musket maybe one of only a few known to be in the UK.

The bore is in superb condition with strong rifling throughout and the action is crisp, smooth and tight. This rare Winchester is brand new to the market and can be owned on an FAC with the correct variation. If you collect Winchester's this is the Holy Grail!

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