WWI British Admiralty contract Lee Speed No. 1 rifle

WWI British Admiralty contract Lee Speed No. 1 rifle

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This is an incredibly rare WWI British Admiralty contract Lee Speed No. 1 rifle. The stock band is marked N over NO.1.S.R./I\. meaning Navy, No. 1 Sporting Rifle with the British military broad arrow acceptance stamp. At the outbreak of WWI due to a dire shortage of arms, the War Office made an urgent request to the Admiralty for their rifle inventory, to fulfill the rapidly growing requirements of the Army.  Small quantities of the standard Lee-Metford military pattern rifles could be found in the armory of all ships in service with the Royal Navy, and these were soon gathered up and handed over to the Army for re-issue. As a means to re-supply naval vessels the Admiralty embarked on a program to purchase all manner of rifles for this purpose, both military and civilian. As part of this process a small order of 970 .303 calibre sporting rifles were purchased in March of 1915 from both B.S.A. and L.S.A. This is one of those rifles. Due to the huge losses at sea very few are now known to exist. It is also worth bearing in mind that these military pattern commercial rifles were built to a very high standard and were supplied to some of the top retailers of the period. You are unlikely to see another!

This example is still live and has a great condition bore and is available on an FAC with the correct variation. Can be deactivated to order.

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