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WWI Lithgow SMLE MKIII* .303 Rifle Dated 1918

WWI Lithgow SMLE MKIII* .303 Rifle Dated 1918

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This is a great condition WWI Lithgow SMLE MKIII* .303 rifle. Dated 1918. This super example has matching numbers and the correct WWI matching bolt. Lithgow only made a total of 112,400 or so MKIII & MKIII* during WW1 production. The fewest of all the various manufacturers during WWI. The markings on the stock indicate that it saw service in WWII after which it was stamped and issued again in 1946. I have had the privilege of shooting this actual rifle and it is beautiful to shot and has a great bore and super smooth action.

A real shooters rifle and a collectors piece. Requires an FAC with the correct variation to purchase.

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