WWII Lee Enfield No5 Jungle Carbine with matching bolt

WWII Lee Enfield No5 Jungle Carbine with matching bolt

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This is a WWII British Lee Enfield No5 MK1 Jungle Carbine, dated July 1944 (7/44) with a very low early serial number A273, and matching bolt and magazine. ROF Fazakerley were allocated serial numbers from A to Z & AA to AC. Meaning this carbine is number 273 of 1944.  First produced in March 1944, the No5 saw service during WWII, rumor has it that it was designed primarily for airborne use, rather than the Asian jungles for which it is most commonly associated with. No5s did see extensive use in Holland during the Battle of Arnhem being issued to British paratrooper units, as well as on the Pacific islands. It is quite plausible that this No5 was deployed during the famous "Battle of Arnham" in September of 1944 where it may have been captured, having just been imported back into the UK from Germany.

Still in great condition with good strong rifling it can be owned on an FAC with the correct variation.

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