WWII Lend Lease Lee Enfield No4 MKI* .303 Blank Firer

WWII Lend Lease Lee Enfield No4 MKI* .303 Blank Firer

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A Second World War Lee Enfield No4 MKI* .303 blank firer. Manufactured by Savage in 1942 it was shipped to Europe for use by Allied troops. Stamped with "US Property" this marking was most commonly used on weapons that were assigned to the British as part of the Lend Lease agreements between the British and US Governments during the war. Post WWII this rifle has been converted from a .303 rifled to .303 smooth bore and has had a fitted magazine with a capacity restriction to two rounds. It can therefore be owned on a section 2 shotgun license and would be ideally suited for WWII re-enactment. The bore is in good condition and the action smooth and crisp.

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