WWII Nazi K98 Dated 1939

WWII Nazi K98 Dated 1939

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This is a great condition early Second World War Nazi K98. Dated 1939, it was manufactured by JP Sauer und Sohn under secret Nazi makers code 147. It is correctly marked with Waffenamt acceptance stamps Eagle over 359 & 37. The stock is marked with the capital letter H this means it was issued to the German Army or Heer. Note the repair, this is a genuine WWII German armorers field repair. This type of repair is covered in the book "Backbone of the Wehrmacht - The German K98k Rifle, 1934-1945" by Richard D Law, and is a very good indication that this one saw active service. It retains many original matched parts including the wood work, barrel bands and floor plate.  The bore is in very good condition. Now chambered in .3006 calibre it can be purchased with and FAC with the correct variation.

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