An Extremely Rare WWI Steyr Hahn M1912 Ersatz Pistol Holster

An Extremely Rare WWI Steyr Hahn M1912 Ersatz Pistol Holster

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This is an incredibly rare WW1 Austrian Ersatz holster for a Steyr-Hahn Model M1912 Pistol. It is constructed of canvas with an inner leather liner. They were only produced towards the end of the First World War and in very small numbers. With leather holsters being expensive and more time consuming to construct the "Ersatz" model was introduced as a cheaper and quicker way to keep up with supply and demand. Inside this holster are two soft leather compartments for ammunition clips and there is clear evidence impressed in the leather from where the Steyr's wooden grips once were.
Very few now exist and to find one as complete as this is extremely rare. Due to the materials used in its construction they are nowhere near as hardy, or as durable as leather examples and are very susceptible to perishing.

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