Inert WW1 No 23 Mk II Mills Rod Grenade

Inert WW1 No 23 Mk II Mills Rod Grenade

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Inert First World War No23 MkII Mills Bomb Rod Grenade.

The "Mills Bomb" No.23 was a rifle grenade adaptation of its predecessor the No.5 hand grenade. This, the MkII was the final version of the No23, identifiable by its reinforced, threaded base plug which accepts the rod. This rod was in turn was fed into the barrel of the rifle being used to launch it, with the aid of a cradle affixed to the rifle by means of a bayonet clamping it to the muzzle. Being such a complicated method which actually caused damage to the rifle bore when used, it was not long lived and was quickly replaced by the venerable No36.

This one, made by the Birmingham Engineering Co ("B.E.Co" cast into the plug) is dated 1917, just visible on the base plug. In unmolested original condition, a great display piece with an interesting twist on the Mills Bomb story.


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