Inert WWII German Incendiary Bomb

Inert WWII German Incendiary Bomb

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This is a WWII German incendiary bomb. This actual bomb was dropped on Britain by the Luftwaffe during a WWII air raid but failed to detonate. However this example is unique in several ways. Firstly, it has a very unusual modification, the addition of a steel sleeve that fits onto the nose cone. Why this is has been done is unclear. One possibility is to add weight as it fell to increase its velocity. Secondly, unlike any other you are likely to encounter this one has a certificate. It states that the Colchester Troop, 621 Squadron, Merville Barracks, Colchester, confirms that this item has been made safe as a display item, and has been issued with its CFFE - Certificate Free From Explosives. There is a colour photo of the actual bomb on the document to verify its authenticity. A rare and unusual military item of which you are very unlikely to see another!

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