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RARE WWII Italian MVSN Blackshirts knife and scabbard

RARE WWII Italian MVSN Blackshirts knife and scabbard

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This is a scarce and highly sought after Italian "Milizia Volontaria Per La Sicurezza National" (MVSN) Blackshirts knife and scabbard. The MVSN came into being in 1923, taking up the fight against the Socialists initiated by Parliamentary wing of the National Fascist Party (the Sqaudrismo) in 1919. Under the leadership of Benito Mussolini and wearing their distinctive black uniform (modelled on the uniform of the Arditi, Italy’s elite troops of WW1) their methods grew increasingly violent towards all opponents of Mussolini’s rule. The MVSN was eventually disbanded in 1943 following the fall of the Fascist Regime.

This knife is a 1935 pattern fighting dagger, with heavy angled belt loop for NCO and Officer issue, distinctive up-swept crossguard and one-piece wooden 5-ridged grip. Displaying the MVSN motif and acronym embossed into the metal scabbard, most of these daggers were destroyed after the humiliating death of Mussolini in 1945, making this a rare survivor. With just minor surface corrosion to the metalwork and soild wood aside from a small chip above the crossguard, this scarcely found knife presents very well.

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