Rare WWII Nazi Browning Model 1922 holster

Rare WWII Nazi Browning Model 1922 holster

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This is a rare WWII Nazi marked Browning 1922 "Pebble Grain" black leather pistol holster. It has the correct makers mark, date and Waffen stamp, dtv = Otto Gehrckens, Leder u. Riemenwerke, Pinneberg, number 4 =1944 and WaA279.  An identical example features in Anthony Vanderlinden's book "The Belgian Browning Pistols". We have included pictures from the book as a reference. He states that this holster is not often encountered. The overall condition is very good and original with all stitching, hoops and fasteners as they should be. It is pictured with a a 1922 for reference and fit. This pistol is also available separately.

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