Rare WWII US Lend Lease Wollensak Army 6X30 Binoculars

Rare WWII US Lend Lease Wollensak Army 6X30 Binoculars

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This is a pair of WWII US Army 6x30 binoculars that were issued to British and Common Wealth forces during the war under the Lend Lease agreement. They were made by US firm Wollensak, Rochester, USA and are marked US ARMY with the inspector of ordnance initials FJA - Frank J Atwood. They are also stamped with the British military designation No2 MKII and D/I\D = Defense Department, and remnants of the original olive drab paint are still present around the eye pieces, lens caps and surrounds. Accompanying these binoculars is an original M.E.Co. (Mills Equipment Company) 1938 dated canvas carry case with broad arrow acceptance stamps.

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