Very RARE WWII German Booby Trap Bomb

Very RARE WWII German Booby Trap Bomb

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This is a very rare WWII German booby trap bomb. It comprises of a steel box that has three separate fuse positions. During the war the German's understood that booby traps were most effective when used in small, confined, spaces. In these spaces there was a higher chance of activation, and greater explosion impact. For example in passages, stairways, doorways, smaller foxholes, narrow paths, etc. Items of curiosity were often used: souvenirs, containers, jewelry, food, gasoline containers, “abandoned” weapons, and even on fallen soldiers! The Germans booby trapped almost every conceivable area, and type of moveable object, with an assortment of prepared charges. Understandably very few now exist. This example is fitted with one of two main types of fuses used by the German's on bombs of this type, the Z.u.Z.Z.35 that is dated 1941 with the makers code bbm. The steel box dimensions are 19.5cm x 16.5cm x 7cm. It is completely safe and is inert/deactivated.

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