WW2 Nazi Labour Corps (RAD) Enlisted Hewer with Scabbard

WW2 Nazi Labour Corps (RAD) Enlisted Hewer with Scabbard

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This is a good example of a 1934 pattern Reichsarbeitsdienst (RAD) Hewer. Initially issued to Officers and Enlisted men of the Labour Service - formed by Konstantin Hierl to address the mass unemployment among the youth of Germany - it later became standard issue to subordinate ranks upon release of the 1937 Officers pattern. Intended to be both decorative and practical, the bearer of the Hewer would be expected to perform manual labour in occupied territories such as road and airfield levelling, gathering of captured war material and rubble clearing, all of which the Hewer was designed to be used for as a tool. With it's huge 10 inch blade and stag horn grips, it was a heavy duty piece capable of withstanding extensive use in the field.
This example shows some signs of wear, notably where the nickel-chrome plating is flaking from the blade and some light surface corrosion to the metal scabbard.

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