WWII German RblF.Flak Anti Aircraft Gun Optical Devise

WWII German RblF.Flak Anti Aircraft Gun Optical Devise

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An original WWII Nazi RblF.Flak Anti Aircraft gun optical scope/sight. The initials RblF.Flak are an abbreviation for " Rundblick-Fernglas Flak'. Flak = Fliegerabwehrkanone (anti-aircraft gun). The makers initials are "djg" . The capital letter M was only used on equipment that was assigned to the German Navy or Kriegsmarine. H/6400 is a code that is found on the majority of German military procured optics and sights. This example is in superb original condition and still has its wartime rubber eye piece, normally missing. These devises were fitted to a variety of fixed and mobile guns, including the StuG or Sturmgeschütz and ground guns including the infamous German "88". This one would have most likely been on an 88. The Germans used this formidable AA gun to protect many of its Naval bases and facilities, as well as fitted them to battleships.

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