WWII Japanese NCO's Shin-gunto Samurai sword with scabbard

WWII Japanese NCO's Shin-gunto Samurai sword with scabbard

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This is a WWII Japanese NCO's Shin-gunto "Samurai sword" with its wooden scabbard, leather field combat cover and leather tassel. The condition is untouched, the blade has not been resharpened and iis still reasonably sharp. All parts show clear evidence of service use. The handle is made from Aluminum. The brass "Habaki" has split and could re-soldered. The officer's rank that carried the sword can often be determined from the color of the tassel. Red/Brown was used by field grade officers including majors and colonels. The wooden scabbard has its leather combat cover and metal hoop. The leather combat cover is still in remarkable good condition with all of its stitching in good order.

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