WWII Nazi Luftwaffe Issued MG15 Saddle Drum magazine

WWII Nazi Luftwaffe Issued MG15 Saddle Drum magazine

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This is a WWII Nazi Luftwaffe issued HASAG manufactured MG15 machine gun saddle drum magazine or Trommel with matching numbers. Marked DT-15 (Doppeltrommel 15) it bears the Luftewaffe acceptance stamp. During World War II the MG15 was used in nearly all Luftwaffe aircraft. They were also used on ground converted MG15's and the MG34 in various rolls including armed vehicles and tanks. The Trommel has a 75 round capacity for 7.92mm rounds and was fitted with a release catch for quick reloading and carry strap. As is to be expected with German military equipment the build quality is superb. This one is still great original condition and is in good working order.

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