1863 Wänzl Breech Loading Rifle

1863 Wänzl Breech Loading Rifle

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The Austrian Wänzl is a conversion rifle, all of which started life as some model of the Lorenz rifle.  The Lorenz was one of the most utilized rifle muskets in history. It was employed in every major war in Europe between 1859 and 1866, as well as being one of the major weapons of the US Civil War (1861-1865). More than 325,000 Lorenz rifle muskets were used by both the North and the South during that conflict and Austria employed them as late as the 1864 Second Schlesswig War with Denmark.  It had a well-earned reputation as the best muzzleloader of its time. These converted rifles will often have the original makers name at the rear of the action, as can be seen of this one. The lock is dated 1863 - US Civil War era.

In 1867 Steyr was contracted to convert 80,000 Lorenz muskets into the then new breech loading system designed by Wanzl in Wein and based on Steyr's records, 70,000 weapons were converted and were designated as the Infanterie Gewehr M1854/67 and Infanterie Gewehr M1862/67. These rifles have two barrel bands plus a nosecap, sling swivels are mounted on the bottom of the buttstock and forend. The calibre is a massive 14mm and the bore on this one is in very good condition.

This historic rifle can be owned live without any form of license. It has a full working action and can be cocked, stripped and dry fired.

It is being sold as a collectors piece only.

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