Beaumont-Adam's percussion revolver

Beaumont-Adam's percussion revolver

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This is a Beaumont-Adam's percussion revolver, chambered in .338. Robert Adams invented the and patented a 5 shot percussion revolver with a solid frame and double action only in 1851. In 1855, Lieutenant Frederic Beaumont of the Royal Engineer's Regiment was granted a patent for an improvement to the Adams mechanism, this allowed it to use single action as well. It prove to be a very lucrative alteration to the design with contracts from British army. A total of 25,000 were manufactured between 1855 to 1867 that were made in three basic calibres; .479, .442 & .338.

This example has matching numbers to frame and cylinders with London proof stamps. The top strap bears the retailers name Tho's Horsley, Gun Makers, York.

The action works perfectly on both single and double actions indexing each time. Housed on the right side of the frame is a simple cylinder locking lever and on the other side the loading arm assembly.

Chambered in an obsolete calibre it can be owned live without any form of license.

It is being sold as a collectors piece only.

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