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Colt Third Model Deringer Thuer with Pistol purse

Colt Third Model Deringer Thuer with Pistol purse

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Product Information

This is a US made Colt Third Model Deringer or "Thuer" single shot pistol chambered in .41 rimfire. Production started circa 1870 ending in 1912 with just 48,000 ever made. The serial number of this example 46181 would indicate that it was made circa 1910-11. Accompanying this pistol is a very rare pistol purse designed to look like a purse or spectacle case. It has a compartment for one round should the pistol not already be loaded!! A rare set!

This pistol is chambered in an obsolete calibre .41 Rimfire and can threrfore be owned live without any form of license. It has a full working action and can be cocked, stripped and dry fired.

It is being sold as a collectors piece only.

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Product Code: 41RO8